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Creating Compelling Facebook Live Streams

Facebook Live is a simple way to connect with your online communities. If you’re not familiar with it, Facebook Live is a way to stream video onto the social media platform. That means you can show your viewers what you’re doing in real time.

But ‘Live’ isn’t just a feature for sharing with friends and family. It can also be used by businesses and brands who’d like to establish a bond with their followers. No matter how you’ll be using Facebook Live, keep these tips in mind:

Getting Started: Polish Your Image

Being on a live stream can make some people self-conscious. You might be afraid everyone will notice your accent or that you’ll be judged for how you look.

It’s true you can’t control how people react to you. But you can boost your confidence before you live stream by spending some time to polish your image. You can start by taking stock of your appearance.

If you’re in need of a new haircut or if you want to color your roots, make an appointment with your local hair salon. Pick a style that makes you feel sexy and glamourous.

Next, consider your makeup. You don’t have to wear any during a live stream. But many people find it helps their self-esteem to play up their best features just before they begin recording.

After that, look at the clothes you’ll be wearing and think about the image you want to project. This doesn’t mean you have to dress in a suit and tie.

But choose your outfit carefully. Is the t-shirt you have on offensive? Could the slogan on it be considered distasteful?

A good way to determine what you should wear is to ask yourself if you’d feel comfortable wearing your outfit to a job interview.

It’s true a potential employer may never see this video. But that’s not a guarantee—privacy standards are always changing. This means what was once private could become public months or even years later.

Now, it’s time to consider your fingernails. Most people talk with their hands. That means your viewers are going to see your nails at some point.

You don’t want to show off chipped nail polish or dirty nails, so take the time to groom them. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to get a manicure, this is it. Book an appointment and get your nails looking fabulous.

Next, focus on your accessories. Some people keep accessories simple and go with a single smart watch. Other people might prefer big statement pieces like chunky necklaces or an armful of bracelets.

The important thing is to pick jewelry that’s not distracting. Sure, those sparkling earrings are adorable. But they catch the light and create a small glare for viewers.Those bangle bracelets you wear might be definition of cute. But you don’t want the noise they make as you gesture to distract your viewers. That’s why you want to choose your accessories carefully, thinking through the potential pitfalls.

Make sure you look and feel great before you begin recording. This will increase your confidence and help you to relax while you stream.

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