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Preparing Your Facebook Stream Space

Another thing to keep in mind as you consider live streaming is the space you’ll be recording in. If you don’t optimize this space, it may distract viewers and cause them to log off when you’re in the middle of the stream. Fortunately, there are easy and quick ways to transform your space into one that viewers will find visually pleasing.

Start with lighting, as this is the biggest hurdle when it comes to live streaming. If you have too little light then harsh shadows can make it difficult for your viewers to see you.

One solution is to use natural light that comes in through a window. The problem is then you’re stuck filming in that same spot every time or canceling your video shoot if the sky is overcast.

A better solution would be to have your own source of lighting. Experienced video streamers often use LED panels to film their videos.

You should start with one, too. It’s best to have 2-3 panels so you can arrange them at different angles. This will give you optimal lighting on every side.

Next, you need to consider the sound of the room you’re in. A large room without a lot of furniture may create a background echo that can be distracting to those watching your live stream.

To fix this issue, consider investing in a lavalier microphone. Sometimes, called lapel mics, these tiny microphones clip onto your shirt and capture what you’re saying. The advantage of using this type of microphone is that your hands are free while you talk.

You might be tempted to think you’ve covered sound. However, many spaces have background noises that can be distracting. This might be the hum of your electronics, the beeps from traffic outside your open window, or even the creak of your floor as you move.

You can easily rectify these problems with simple solutions. If your old hardwood floors are noisy, put down a thick rug. If your electronics are creating an unwanted hum, turn them off. You can also close windows and doors to create more sound barriers.

Once you’ve taken care of the sound and the lighting, it’s time to check out the background that viewers will see. Facebook Live allows you to preview what your video will look like so examine your preview carefully.

Look for distracting things in the background like stacks of paperwork, piles of clothes or shoes, and monitors playing TV shows or screensavers. This visual clutter can make it hard for viewers to focus on your message.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix the clutter—hide it! You can do this using a screen divider or room divider. If you don’t have a divider, grab an off-white or gray sheet. Iron it then tack it up behind you. Now the problem’s solved and you can get back to shooting your video.

The final mistake to avoid when live streaming is camera shake. This is common when you’re using Facebook Live on your tablet or smartphone. Even slight camera shakes can be disruptive to both you and your viewers.

Stabilize your video by using a tripod. There is a variety of tripods for sale at many different price points, so you should be able to find one even if your budget is tiny.

These small tweaks to your space may not feel seem that important at first. But they send the message to your viewers that you care about them and their experience.

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