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Marketing With Facebook Live 2

Facebook Marketing Live4. Melyssa’s Accelerator ChallengeStream Source: https://www.facebook.com/melyssagriffin/videos/1186319668152721/

Melyssa Griffin is an entrepreneur who built a six-figure business around her blog, The Nectar Collective. Now, she shows her community members how to build online businesses around their passions.

Melyssa hosts a free challenge called the Email List Accelerator Challenge. It’s a 4-day course on how to build an email list. She uses Facebook Live to chat about the challenge and answer questions from viewers.

Key Takeaway: Brands can use live streaming to follow up after a challenge or course. This can be helpful for participants who have questions about the challenge or are struggling with your content. Your live video may also motivate viewers who haven’t seen your challenge to sign up for it.

5. E! News freeSTYLE

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/enews/videos/10154255479835736/

E! News, the popular entertainment media company, has a series on Facebook Live that’s called freeSTYLE with Zuri Hall and Cinya Burton. These videos feature a celebrity makeup artist who provides viewers with cosmetic and beauty tips.

In a recent stream, Paul Blanch does a live makeup tutorial with Cinya. Throughout the video, he pauses to explain to viewers how to get the golden glow that’s coveted during spring and summer.

Meanwhile, Zuri is monitoring the comments section. A viewer named Courtney asks, “Do you ever use a primer?”

Paul answers, “It’s a great thing. Priming to me is the prep before you’re putting on your actual makeup. So priming is hydrating, moisturizing before you use this product.”

Key Takeaway: Having a weekly show helps viewers remember to tune in at the same time each week. You can even host guests to add a fun mystery element so viewers wonder who will be featured next week. 

  1. Entrepreneur’s Goal Challenge

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/EntMagazine/videos/10155006888893896/

Entrepreneur launched their The Goal Standard Challenge earlier this year. This was a series of live videos over the course of five weeks. Each video features advice and insights from goal setting experts.

In the description area of each video, Entrepreneur introduces the speaker then offers two calls to action. The first CTA is the ‘Sign Up Here’ link. It’s perfect for viewers that have just discovered the series through Facebook Live and haven’t had a chance to sign up for the challenge yet.

The second CTA invites viewers to join the Facebook group Entrepreneur set up for this challenge. By joining the group, viewers get access to an exclusive worksheet.

Key Takeaway: Put a CTA (or even two!) in the description of every live stream. Tell viewers what step you want them to take next and offer an incentive (like a worksheet) to encourage them to click.

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