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Though the term “social media” groups social networks like LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook all in one bucket, in reality they’re all quite different. Each one has a different kind of communication style and each one has different tools you can use to promote your business.

Here’s a list of the various different kinds of activities you can do on each site.

Facebook Social Media Activity List

Post a PhotoWhenever you have an in person event, post a photo. If you’re launching a new product, you can also post photos of the product. Photos are inherently more eye catching than text.

1-Facebook Social Media

Add a MilestoneYour timeline plays a big role in how people view your overall Facebook presence. Use milestones to make important things in your timeline stand out.

Create a Group – Facebook groups are powerful community building tools. You can create a very vibrant community of people who share ideas with one another using a Facebook group.

Create a PageA Facebook page is a great place to host your brand’s social media presence. It’s the ideal way to relate to social media fans as a brand. Unlike a personal account that has a cap on the number of friends you can have, with a page you have no such cap.

2-Create-PageInvite People to Your PageYou can “suggest” a page to your entire network of contacts. If your friends like what you’re up to, there’s a good chance they’ll join your page.

Google+ Activity List

Have a Quality Profile PhotoThis is more important than on any other social network, because your profile photo will actually show up in Google searches. People will see the picture you put up actually displayed on the search results page for your name when they Google you.

Check Your DescriptionYour Google+ profile shows up in search engines as a combination of your tagline, your occupation, your employment information and your introduction, in that order. Make sure you have a stellar tagline and complete job information filled out to maximize your brand impact.

3-Google-Plus-ProfileSeparate People into Circles – One of Google+’s most important features is the ability to separate people into different circles. Take advantage of this feature to group your followers into categories that make sense. Tailor your updates to different groups of people according to their interests.

Encourage Google +1s – Google +1s influence your search rankings more than any other social media vote. It’s more influential than Facebook likes or Twitter retweets. Get as many +1s as you can by actively asking readers and followers to +1 you.

Get Your Account VerifiedOnce you have 1,000 followers, get your account verified. You’ll get a “Verified” badge on your Google+ page, which helps build credibility.


Twitter Activity List

Setup Your BioSetup your bio or tagline to catch people’s attention to moment they land on your Twitter page.

Customize Your Background – Having a strong background can really change the first impression of your Twitter page. A well crafted custom background that matches your brand can really “wow” your audience.


Tweet Often – Twitter has a culture of high frequency posts. Use tools like Seesmic or TweetDeck to schedule your tweets.

Post Your #FFsFollow Fridays is your chance to recommend people to follow. If you think there’s an expert people in your space should really know about, recommend them on Follow Fridays with the #FF hashtag.

6-Follow-FridayUse @Mentions wisely –When someone says something you’re interested in, @reply them. If someone @mentions you, @mention them back. Build communication loops.

Social Media Activity Summary

So far we have discussed Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. In the next post we will wrap up our discussion on social media activity with the business to business site, LinkedIn.

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