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Surefire Video Ranking with the GVR Method

If you’ve been struggling to getting your videos ranked and driving from traffic Google, you have downloaded the exact report you need. Surefire Video Ranking shows you how to use the GVR Method to simplify and quicken the raking process.
Let me explain…

The GVR Method stands for the Guaranteed Video Ranking Method. This method requires nothing more than your computer (and brain). With the GVR Method you will simply find out what keywords are popular and in demand, then you’ll determine what keywords you want to rank for based on what’s in demand and popular, then simply ASK Google if they will show a video for your keywords.

The whole process (once you’re familiar with it) takes 15-20 minutes. Then you simply wait 24 hours for your answer. Once you know your keywords (usually dozens) rank, you simply create your own valuable videos using keywords you already know Google will show your video for… and generate more leads and sales!

The 3-Step GVR Process

Once you get the hang of the GVR Method process, it’s easy to find dozens (if not hundreds) of keywords you can use to rank your videos with just about 15-20 minutes of work.

Here are 3 steps involved and I’ll walk you through each of them:

1. Determine a Niche – Pick your specific area of focus within a niche.
• Example Niche – Dogs: What kind of dog breed/service/etc.
2. Find in demand keywords in your niche (ASK GOOGLE) to create titles and find seed keywords (main keywords) + Geographic Locations (optional)
3. ASK GOOGLE and wait 24-48 hours for rankings. Use existing videos (already on YouTube) to see if your chosen keywords will rank.

Rinse and Repeat!

With the GVR Method… you can “Do what your competition isn’t… because they don’t know they can… and #YOUWIN!

Step 1: Determine a Niche

To get started with the GVR Method you want to focus on one topic/Niche.

Getting started is simple once you’ve picked your overall market/niche.

• Start by writing down 3 – 5 topics/keyword phrases in that niche
• Next write down any pain points/problems or known topics of interest in those areas. (Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% familiar with this, Step 2 will drill down and provide you with the tools to find this information)
• Write down any general keyword phrases that you want to have your videos to show up in Google.

It’s recommended that you start off with a niche or market you are familiar with.

If you are working with clients, find out from your client which main keywords best describe their products or services and follow the process above.

For the sake of example in this training my main niche will be: Dogs.
I don’t know much about dogs (at all) so I will use the tools in step 2 to help me get clarity. More on this in the next few pages.

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