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Surefire Video 2

Step 2: Drill Down For Surefire Vieo

Now that you have your basic target topics, you’ll want to move to Step 2… Drilling down to target keywords that will get your buyers/subscribers/viewers to take action.

After all, that is why we’re doing this in the first place. We need keywords that are targeted, popular, and have buyer intent. Bringing you increased leads and sales.

Just in case, we’ll cover several different ways to extract the best keywords and ask Googles permission to rank your videos.

Drilling Down When You Know What You Want to Target

The best way to find out what’s popular in any niche… is use trending topics in Google. Go to www.google.com/trends.  Once again… JUST ASK GOOGLE!

If you already know what market/niche you want to rank your videos… just enter it into the search Bar in Google trends and select the timeframe and country.Recommended Settings on the next page:

  • County: Enter your country of choice
  • Timeframe: I like to choose last 12 months or less

If you already know your niche/target, you can skip to Step 2 of this report. Otherwise, continue from here.

Drilling Down When You’re Starting from Scratch

Here’s a good starting point if you aren’t quite sure what keywords you want to target or if you are just interested in learning more about a particular niche/target.

For this training, we are going to use the general category of Dogs.

I don’t know much about dogs (never had one) so I’ll go to directly to Google Trends… and look for trending charts/categories.

Google Trends: https://www.google.com/trends/

Click on the upper left hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and then click on Top Charts.

Next, I’ll scroll down and clicked on Dog Breeds under topics. I chose Spanish Mastiff as a topic for this example.Clicking the link “Spanish Mastiff” opens up a new window. In this window, I see that Spanish Mastiff is the #145th most searched dog breed in Google (I JUST ASKED GOOGLE).

Now here’s what we want to do next:

  1. Get more trending keyword data
  2. Drill down get more keywords we can use to rank our videos.  Remember we want keywords with buyer or action intent. Keywords that will bring in more leads and/or sales.

I chose my settings on the next screen. I selected all data from Past 12 months. And for the United States Only

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