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Step 2: Drill Down (Recap)

At this point you have everything you need to ASK Google what keywords you should be selecting to rank your videos quickly (and almost guaranteed). Not every video will rank on the first few pages of search for certain keywords (if any at all). This method is a MASSIVE timesaver and prevents you wasting time trying to rank for the wrong keywords.

At this point you should have completed:

  1. Your research to find popular and targeted keyword terms relevant to your niche/market.
  2. Created at least one long mashed up keyword title
  3. Created at least a dozen variations of keywords based on your long titles.

Now you are ready to make the magic happen. In the next few pages you’ll discover exactly how to predict which keywords you can use to rank your videos fast… no technical experience required, no video creation required…it’s simple. 

Step 3: Ask Google


Create a Test Channel (Keeping our personal channels safe)

Before we get started, I like to cover my butt (yours too). We don’t want to use your (or your clients) actual YouTube Channels. So far, this method is 100% safe, but no sense in taking any chances. You need to create a test channel when ASKING GOOGLE (This is totally legitimate and YouTube allows this).

You can create a totally new channel but that’s more work than necessary… unless you really decide to scale this process (that’s when it makes sense). I recommend simply using an account you already have access to and just adding/creating a new channel.

Here’s how… Sign into your YouTube account. Then go to https://www.youtube.com/channel_switcher

Once there click on the “Create a new channel” button:

Give your channel a name and click create. That completes this step. Next, we’ll roll out the crystal ball and predict what keywords we can use to instantly rank your videos

Actually Asking Google…. Finalizing the process

Now we’re going to finalize the process and find out what keyword phrases we can rank for.  This process should take 10 minutes. I want to warn you in advance, you may see instant rankings but don’t count on it. Complete this step then close out of your browser and come back in 24-48 hours to check your results.

If you don’t see your keyword phrase ranking within the first 5 pages of Google within 48 hours, that means you will have a harder time trying to rank that keyword. You can either try and force it (which is possible if you know what you are doing) or start over and choose different keywords or keyword combinations.

Your options are unlimited, you just have to be creative and a little patient.

The first thing you need to do is to go to your YouTube editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor). Next copy/paste your long Title from your worksheet into the “Project” name (The example I used is below):

Spammy Title Example#1

Spanish Mastiff puppy puppies for sale Mastif madison wi milwakee wi green bay-apple wisconsin

Remember I mentioned that you don’t need to create your own video to see if Google will rank a video for your keyword? Here’s why. Click on the two c’s in a circle. That stands for Creative Commons. These are public videos you can legally use. So were going to use those.

Click the icon, enter a keyword (doesn’t need to be related to your keyword term) and click the search icon (magnifying glass)Select a video. I like to use videos that are at least 1 minute long.

Drag your selected video to the timeline.

Click Create Video

Next you MUST immediately edit the video. Click on the edit icon (pencil)

Add Your Long Spammy Title to the following Locations mapped below:

A: Add to the Title

B: Add as the first part of the description. I keep the content that says “I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor”

C: Add to the tags. (Note: if your title is too long for tags and you try to save it you will get an error. If this occurs just reduce the number of words so they fit within tags.

D: Add your keyword to the messages field. (You will have to setup a G+ business page for this to work and Twitter if you choose)

E:  Add a new playlist with the title of the playlist being your long spammy title.

That’s the entire process. Now wait 24-48 hours.

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