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Checking Your Results

24 hours later open a privacy browser (or use a separate computer) to search google for your keyword phrases. Use Your Keyword spreadsheet to note what page the keywords appear on. Once you complete this process you can make your current test videos private or simply delete them.

If none of your videos rank on the first round, switch your keywords and strategy to find what will work. The process only takes 10-15 minutes so it saves you hours of wasted time.Examples of how listings appear in the search engines:

Thumbnail showing in Search:

Example of a Playlists showing in search:

Next Steps:

Once you complete this process you can make your current test videos private or simply delete them.

The key to this strategy is to discover what keyword phrases Google will show your video or playlist for… Next you want to create your own videos that provide value and use those keywords to rank fast and generate leads and sales faster.

This strategy puts you ahead of your competition because:

  1. You are using popular/trending keywords that your audience is actually typing in their search boxes (because you got your data directly from google)
  2. You can test the keyword you choose before spending hours of wasted time
  3. You take the keywords Google already showed you they would rank videos for, create real and valuable videos using those terms and get in front of your audience quickly without wasted time.

When you do create real value driven videos for the keywords you know will rank you will want to fully optimize the videos and the YouTube channels they reside on.  If you took advantage of the enhanced video training and tools you will find resources to help optimize and keep your videos ranked.

I bet you thought that was it… I can’t just leave you hanging so… go to the next section for some BONUS material

Bonus Video Resources


I can’t just leave you hanging even if you didn’t take advantage of the additional video trainings made available. If you didn’t I would HIGHLY recommend it. There are over the shoulder tutorials and my personal video resources you’ll have access to. Stuff I don’t reveal except to high level, high paying consulting clients…

Creating a Video

If you are getting started with video and don’t know where to start. You don’t have to be on camera. If you choose to you can use your cell phone video to get started. But if you want to get professional videos done, you can hire professional spokes people or video creators here:

  • com
  • com
  • More Tools & Resources in 2 pages (see resource list)

Internal Optimization: Optimizing your (value based) video:

To get your videos to rank for your keywords, you need to properly optimize them. In the initial GVR process you actually optimized your video in Step 3. When uploading your “real” video follow the same steps.

Title: Put your keyword phrase in the title but make it readable

Description: Put a phone number (if applicable) and URL directly followed by your target keyword at the very top of your description. Then provide a 300-500 word description (with your keyword in it at least one more time). Provide a link to your video in the description

Tags: Put your keyword and related keywords in the tags section of the editor.

Message field: Add your keyword to the message field and tweet out or post on Google plus with a message.

Advanced Tab: Add Region if you are targeting regional keywords/Geographic Keywords and enable comments.

Bonus Video Ranking Recipe


One of the secrets to ranking videos in Google is having external resources linking to your videos and embedding your videos. Below is the lifecycle of a Viral Video. The lifecycle may seem complicated but you can manufacture much of the process and benefit from ranking our videos highly.

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