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Recipe to Rank Your Videos:

  1. Get Viewed: Send your video out to all your friends and family and ask them to watch your video, like, share and comment on your video.
  2. Get Shared:
    1. Ask friends and family to share your video on social media
    2. Put your video on your social media pages and your website (WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress.com, Google Plus, Weebly, Wix)
    3. Get other people to social bookmark and share your video. One resource you can use to get hundreds of other people to share your and like your content is  Social Adr
    4. Ask other websites to link to your content, use your social media properties to link to your videos and use Social Monkee to get hundreds of bookmarks to your videos.
    5. BONUS TIP FOR LINKS: Write a press release announcing your video. Distribute your press release through Email Wire, Release Wire or another reputable press release service. Hint: You can find vendors on Fiverr that will submit your press release to these services for only $5.

Bonus Video Creation Resources


This BONUS will provide you with resources you need to create engaging videos. One thing I can tell you is that it’ all in the script. You have access to some of the best video script creation tools and video creation resources below.

Video Script Resources/Trainings

  • **(My FAVORITE of All These Resources) Video Script Genius – Discover dozens of videos that allow you to captivate viewers and turn them into buyers fast. Can be used on ANY type of business.
  • Local Video Script Pro – Easy to implement video scripts catered towards local businesses. An easy to follow library of high converting local business scripts at your fingertips.

Video Templates/Tools (Easy to Use)


  • Explandio: Professional but affordable… Animation, Doodle Sketch and Motion Video Software
  • Easy Video Creator (Software/Training – Geared towards Local business consultants and small businesses) – Discover How to Sell and Create professional explainer videos. Providing Done for You Explainer Videos and Video Templates.
  • Done for You White Board Backgrounds (Advanced) – Use these with video software. Already hand drawn items – http://jvz9.com/c/3762/178556

**Video Traffic Training/Advanced Video Resources

  • Video Ad Formula 2.0 (****)– Discover how to drive traffic to Your Videos and websites with video ads.
  • Instant Video Templates (****)– Discover how to use PowerPoint to make professional videos worth thousands. (Includes graphics and done for you templates)
  • Rapid Video Funnels (****) – 10 Video Powered Marketing Funnels that just WORK!

Additional Advice

Here’s some additional Advice.

  1. Choose keywords that are longtail and targeted. This approach is only to see if you can immediately rank a video in Google without wasted effort. Some keywords just will not rank on the top pages with a Video. This saves time in content creation and prevents wasted energy
  2. Always check your results within 24-48 hours and always use a privacy or incognito browser.
  3. DO NOT use the creative commons videos that you test with and keep those videos as your own. This is not a lazy man’s strategy to quick rankings. This is a method to find out what works quickly and build upon it.
  4. BEWARE, in general your videos will fluctuate in the search engines. It’s called the Google Dance, don’t be alarmed… be patient and see where you end up.
  5. This strategy is an AWESOME strategy to outsource and go after those terms that the competition doesn’t know about and come out of nowhere and dominate your niche.



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