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Examples of Successful Service Based Fiverr Sellers

These examples should give you some ideas about how to make your gig stand out, get seen and ordered. Once ordered, it’s your job to deliver exactly what you promised and then some so that you will make the buyers happy. Happy buyers tell other people and buy again. The more you can focus on your audience, giving them what they want, the more successful you’ll be. These examples are of sellers who have mastered the art of offering just the right service to just the right person.

Writing Services Example

Amitbt is a top rated seller on Fiverr. You can see why when you look at his entire profile and his gigs. Click through to look at the gig example as well as his profile. See in the overview of this gig he has a video, and then he has very in-depth information about what you will get when you order his gig.

He’s also included just the right gig extras to help boost the purchase price for each of the orders. The professional video adds to the buyer’s confidence in the seller’s talent and experience as does the very complete description and the gig extras.

Graphic Design Services Example

Kumarsingh is a top rated seller who has done a great job presenting his gigs and showing his talent. His examples are his own work, and the description gives a detailed idea of what the buyer will receive and when. He also uses the package option to boost the purchase price while not incredibly increasing the time factor.

Video Services Examples

Tsweezey, another top rated seller, who often has orders in the queue, will create a video for you on a white background using your script. His video explaining his gig is excellent, so it’s a good idea of what you’ll end up with depending on your instructions and script. As you can see when you click through, he also uses every avenue at his disposal to present the gig to his audience and offer gig extras that add value for the customer and boosts his earnings, too.

Voice over Service Examples

Actressellen, as she’s known on Fiverr, is a top rated seller who offers voice over services. She offers clear instructions, well defined packages, and a great description of her services as well as an example in her own video. Even after almost 3000 reviews she still has a 5.0 rating. She obviously seeks to over deliver and is a good example for you to emulate.

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