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The Types of Gigs That Sell Well on Fiverr

While sometimes, a strange gig will pop up that serves to fill a fad or trend, the most enduring types of services that sell well on Fiverr involve tasks that require skill to accomplish that people are looking for. The idea is to match your skills with what people need. A good way to find out what people want is to go to where your audience hangs out and find out what they’re asking about.

For example, on Facebook there are groups that consist of your audience. You just have to find them. Do a search in Groups and find your audience, join the group, then simply observe what they are asking about and wanting referrals for. This is a great way to figure out what to list for your first gig. You can find groups elsewhere, too. The trick is to observe what they need, then create great gigs based on their needs and your skills.

For the most part, the following types of gigs sell well on Fiverr.

• Graphic Design – Everything from logos to web pages will sell well on Fiverr. There are many more people needing this service than there are quality offerings. People need graphics for book covers, infographics, memes, social media posts, blog posts and more.

• Video Creation & Design – Almost anything to do with videos will sell well on Fiverr. Video editing and creation is something that takes a lot of skill to get right. You can create funny videos, or edit other people’s videos, create intros and outros and more if you are good with videos.

• Voice Acting – If you have a good voice and you are good at reading a script you can create voice overs to be used on videos or podcasts or elsewhere. You’ll simply need a microphone and a setup that enables your recordings to sound professional. You can upsell with this one to offer scripts, too.

• Writing – Everyone needs content of some kind these days such as blog posts, articles, sales copy, website copy and more. Now that people are publishing Kindle books you can even be a ghost writer for an entire book. The trick is to price this right at about 5 dollars per 100 words with the right upsells for images, faster turnaround, and extra words.

• Article Editing – You can offer a service to edit articles, or even websites at various levels from easy proof reading for grammar and typos to more in-depth contextual editing services. Price this one right too, so that you are making a fair fee for your work.

• Trouble Shooting – Today a lot of people are using WordPress and other technology that they don’t know how to use. When something goes wrong, that’s where you can come in. If you’re good with a particular technology, offer your services to troubleshoot when needed.

• Advice – Life and business coaching are big businesses. You can offer business advice via the Fiverr system. For example, you can offer to critique someone’s website and offer solutions and ideas for improvement via Fiverr. If you want to be more personal, you can offer advice for parenting or getting through a divorce, too.

There are also some interesting crafty gigs such as creating cartoon characters, cat people and more based off your images. Sit down and write down the skills you have and then match the skills to your audience so that you can create gigs that get orders and please your audience.

Tips for New Fiverr Sellers to Boost Their Income

As a new seller it can take a while to start getting regular orders. Ideally, you can work up to 10 or more orders per day, or whatever you can reasonably accommodate. These tips may help a new seller get up and selling fast.

• Complete Your Profile – As with most social media and online communities, the better you complete your profile, the more friends you’ll make. Being open, honest and transparent will make people trust you immediately. People need trust to make purchases and you can offer them that feeling of trust simply by having an amazing profile.

• Use Buyer Requests – If you have at least one gig listed and taking orders, you can also look at buyer requests. The buyer requests are filled very quickly, so you need to find the right time where you live to look at the requests so you can send a quote as soon as possible. But, what you can also do is use these requests to make new open gigs from. It’s a great way to get ideas.

• Share Your Gigs Immediately & Often – Once you create a gig, you are prompted to immediately share the gig. It’s important that you do share it immediately and then occasionally share it again. If you’re not full of orders in the hopper then you need to be promoting.

• Get Involved with Fiverr Forum – The Fiverr forums have people who both buy and sell, so if you get involved with the forums and people know what your niche is, if they need someone in that niche they’re more likely to contract with you than someone they do not know.

• Create a Video for Your Gigs – Gigs with videos sell better than gigs without them. A good video isn’t hard to make. You can use your web cam and just tell them what you do, how you do it, and who you do it for, or you can even hire someone else to make it for you if video isn’t your thing.

• Use Appropriate Images for Your Gig – Even if you have a video, it’s a good idea to still include images that represent your offering. Including a sample of the type of work you do is a great way to get more buyers.

• Write a Complete Gig Description – Use bolding, bullets, and shading to make your description stand out on the page. Using these features to make your description stand out from others, as well as on the page your potential buyer is reading is important. The more you include in the description, the more likely you’ll get orders and the more likely that those who order will be satisfied.

• Be Honest – Nothing beats being straightforward and honest in your descriptions and profile. It’s better to say you can’t do something when asked than to say you can and then not be able to deliver.

Fiverr is set up for your success. You can create amazing gigs, and you can earn a good amount of money from Fiverr — so much so that you could quit your job. You just have to figure out which types of gigs to sell. Remember to consider your audience, solve their problems using the skills you most like using. After all, if you’re going to spend your life doing it, you should also enjoy it.

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