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Facebook Retargeting

Tips for Creating Ad Headlines That Get Clicks

The headline for your Facebook Ad currently appears under your image and above the URL. You have 25 characters or less for this area, which can make it tricky to include enough information to persuade people to click through.

You don’t have to do all of these at once. But, the more you can include, the more likely you are to get good results from your advertisement.

• Tell Them What to Do – Tell the audience member exactly what they’ll be doing, or what to do such as joining, signing up, etc.… so that they know what’s going to happen and what happens when they take the action you’re telling them to do. For example, “Join 5000 Winners” or “Check Our Work” and so forth.

• Ask a Question – A fabulous way to turn a headline into something people want to click is to ask them a question. The question needs to be a leading question that also lets them know what they’re going to get by clicking. For example, “Are you tired of being fat?” might be a great headline for someone who is sick of being overweight.

• Tell Them One Benefit – Many marketers get mixed up about features and benefits. Remember that features are what your product does; the benefit is why it matters to the buyer. They want to know “what’s in it for me” and if you can answer that in a small headline then you’re golden. A benefit might be that they get free shipping, or free upgrades, or free bonus products.

• KISS – Finally, don’t make this so hard. The simpler you keep it the easier it’s going to be to do and get results. Stick to simpler concepts in your headlines because including too much is going to make it too long or confusing. Remember to focus on one benefit, one action, and one feeling.

A simple headline that focuses on the benefits to the aProfiting From udience is what will work best for your Facebook Ad headlines. In fact, this idea will work for every headline you ever create.

Tips for Writing Ad Copy That Sells

Writing short ad copy takes a certain amount of skill; but, it can be learned. You just have to practice a lot. You should also create test ads to find out what works best with your audience.

• Know Your Audience – This should go without saying, but it has to be stated anyway. The more you can know and understand your audience the better. Spend time studying them so that you can use what you know within your ads.

• Focus On the Audience of One – As you get to know your audience, you can create different ads for different parts of your audience. Create an audience persona and copy for just for that one person.

• Understand Your Goals – For each ad, you’ll have different goals, which requires different words. The way you phrase your copy depends on what you want the audience to do after reading/watching it.

• One Benefit / One Problem – Each advertisement, especially short copy for Facebook ads needs to focus only one problem or one benefit each time. This opens up a lot of potential ad types for one product or service.

• Make a Promise – When you want someone to open up their wallet, or trust you enough to give out their personal information, you must find a way to include a promise even in short copy. Whether it’s a line that states you value privacy, or a money back guarantee you need to make that promise and keep it.

• Cut the Excess – After you have written the copy, go back into your words and edit them to remove excess words that don’t further your point. The fewer words for your audience to wade through the better results you’re going to get for your Facebook advertisement.

• Test Everything – The best thing about Facebook Ads (and internet ads in general) is that you can easily run a test and switch it up on the fly without too much trouble. You can’t say the same for print, radio, or TV ads.

As mentioned above, practice is a huge key in crafting ad copy that sells. As you learn what your audience wants to see and what it needs, you’ll get better at writing short ad copy for your Facebook ads.

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