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Create Awesome Images for Your Facebook Ads

Using images in your Facebook ads is an imperative. Therefore, it’s important to learn about how to create or find the best images for use with ads. They need to be attractive and compelling enough for your audience to look at your ad.

• Choose Interesting Images – Happy people, who are looking right at the camera work best. Use eye-catching colors and consider adding your logo watermark to the image as a way to brand yourself. Your image doesn’t have to be literal. It can be an image of a pet, a baby, or a woman looking out at the audience compelling them to click.

• Learn About Photography – One way to create better images for your Facebook ads is to get better at taking pictures yourself. You can actually take very good pictures with your mobile device using Instagram filters as well as most point and shoot digital cameras. You just need to practice and learn as much as you can about composition and lighting.

• Pick Simple over Complex – When an image has too much detail it will not catch your audience’s eye the same way an image that is very focused on one thing will. Choose images that have just a few people in focus, or a particular item in focus for best results.

• Mind Size & Shape – Facebook often changes their size criteria. Check on the sizes of the ads before you create it to ensure that you can make it the right size so that it shows up right in the audience’s feed. You want it to stand out properly so that people will click through.

• Include a Value Proposition – A VP is a feature or benefit that will make your offer exponentially attractive to your audience such as including a sticker image on your main image that says “free trial” or “free 14 day trial”. This will help make your image even more useful as it gets shared and pinned.

Using these ideas to create images that get the attention of your audience will go far in making your advertisements on Facebook get more clicks and conversions. Just remember to put your audience’s desires, likes and wants first as you create images for your ads. Then, remember to look at the numbers so that you can measure your success accurately.

Measuring Your Success with Facebook Ads

Measuring success is an important component in ensuring that you experience success with your Facebook Ad campaign. You need to measure more than clicks and impressions to find out if what you did worked or if you need to start over. Measuring FB ad results is very important to all your future ads because you can identify success which you can repeat, and identify failure which you can avoid.

• Actions Taken – These are really conversions. How many people saw your ad? How many people clicked your ad? How many people bought what you were selling or succeeded in doing what you wanted?

• Cost Per Action – When someone clicks and takes action how much does this cost you. You can get your cost per action by taking the total cost of your ads to date divided by the number of actions. The action consists of your goal such as click, buy, and sign up, and so forth.

• Relevance – This metric can help you know how Facebook sees your ad, based on how they see your audience and the actions your audience takes. This affects how often they show the ad and even the cost of the clicks to the ad.

• Frequency – How often does your audience see your ad before they take action? How often does FB deliver the ads into your audience’s stream? This is important because knowing this helps you know how effective your ad is and whether or not you need to change it. Your audience doesn’t need to see your advertisement 10 or 20 times.

You can see all of these facts in your Ad Manager which you can adjust to get the report you desire for the metrics you need to measure. Facebook literally could not make it easier to study whether your ads are creating action within your business.

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