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Examples Of Brands Using Snapchat For Marketing

There are a lot of features with Snapchat that you’ll discover over time. For example you can put filters or overlays or lenses over your videos and images that bring interest to your Snaps. A really successful example of this was when the Peanuts movie was being released they created an overlay or lens that Snapchatters could use to overlay on their pictures and videos.

Now, there is no way most of us can afford the 750K cost of a one–day ad campaign on Snapchat, but there are many ways we can be successful by learning more about what big brands have done.

Swap Your Other Social Media Profile Images with Your Snapcode

Brands like Toys “R” Us, The Huffington Post did it and that helped them get a lot more friends on Snapchat. In addition you can send out messages, memes and more with your Snapcode in it to help get more friends on Snapchat.

Print Your Snapcode on Other Items Such as Business Cards

Sprite printed Snapchat influencers on their cans to help others get new friends on Snapchat. While they did this for others, you can do this for you. Consider putting your Snapcode wherever Snapchat will allow you to do so. You do have to ask permission for some use of the Snapcode, but you’re safe putting it on your business card and anything you give away free.

Hire Influencers to Help Spread the Word for You

Corporations like Coke have hired well-known Snapchatters to spread the word about their brand to help build up their following. You can do the same thing, but perhaps on a little smaller scale. Don’t think you only have to hire Snapchatters. You can also hire YouTubers to mention your Snapchat contest, too. Even if all you do is give free products or services in exchange for the shout-out, it will go far.

Explain Snapchat to Your Audience

Groupon did this successfully. You can, too. Do a YouTube video about Snapchat and teach your audience how to use it and why they should use it. Post the link to the video on your other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest. Ask people to add you on Snapchat and teach them how to use it with a video or a full-fledged webinar.

Use Snapchat on Other Venues

Michelle from ThrivingPlantBased.com and Derek and High Carb Hannah from YouTube fame both use Snapchat to collect questions from their fans to answer on their YouTube videos. It works really well and they often get a lot of questions. You can see their example here for Michelle, and here for Hannah and Derek of Life Inside a Box fame on YouTube.com.

As you can see, there are many different ways to use Snapchat to market to your audience and get more friends, expand your audience, and make more sales.

Getting Started

To get started on Snapchat marketing, the first thing you need to do is sign up for Snapchat and practice using it with a friend. Learn the ins and outs. You can always delete that account and start a new one for your business once you figure out how to use it. Here are things to think about before you create your Snapchat for marketing.

· Consider Which Email Address You’ll Use – You can’t change this without deleting your account so consider it carefully. On one hand your @business email is great, but you may want to create a special email for it.

· Choose a Good User ID – You can’t change this without deleting your account, therefore you want to choose the right ID.

· Choose a Relevant Display Name – You can change this, but pick something relevant, such as your name Life Coach or the name of your product or service.

· Brainstorm Content Ideas – Think about what type of content you’re going to put on Snapchat. Make a list of ideas that you can use when you’re ready.

· Start Snapping – You’ll be glad you did. You don’t have to do one every hour, you can do just a few snaps a day that are valuable, exclusive and creative.

Using Snapchat for marketing is not unlike using any other method of marketing. You have to learn about the tool, brainstorm how you’ll use the tool, and then implement your ideas. As you implement the ideas you’ve developed, you can then judge whether or not what you’re doing is working or not and adjust along the way. That’s one thing that is really fascinating about online marketing – nothing ever has to be set in stone. If it’s not working you can change it on the fly and create something that does work.

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