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Examples of Successful YouTube People Who Perform Live Events

There are numerous successful people who are doing live YouTube events and getting a big audience and making a lot of connections and conversions doing it. Of course, there are live feeds for all kinds of TV channels, too. But, let’s look at a few regular people who are very successful on YouTube who perform live events.

The Drawfee Channel

This channel has over 479,000 subscribers, and they often do live video. One of the things they did that got quite a few comments and views was to draw a comic live while viewers watched. This is a great “behind the scenes” type live event. Per SocialBlade.com this channel earns anywhere from a grand to 12 grand each month

Laphin Hyena

This is a gaming channel that often shows live streaming games. They have over 34,000 subscribers. They go live for new games and contests. They have a very loyal fan base and have over 2 million views on their videos combined.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly has been busy having babies, but now she’s back to work and she’s using YouTube live to help get the word out about her new album and her children’s book. Each of her live videos gets a lot of views during and after the live event. She makes them simply. They feel real and unproduced. Her fans love it.

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