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Step-by-Step Using YouTube Live Tools

It’s important to go over the various tools on YouTube so that you can go live with ease. Going live is a little trickier than uploading a video, at least the first time.

How to Go Live on YouTube

The first thing you must do in order to go live on your YouTube Account is to set up a YouTube Channel.

Set Up Your YouTube Account

When you set up your YouTube account, you want to think about the handle you’ll use. It’s important to think in terms of your audience and how they’ll find you. For example, if your channel is about Learning Algebra, then you need to have the word “Algebra” someplace in your handle to help people find you.

It’s fast to set up your YouTube channel if you have a Gmail Account, but you don’t need one. In fact, everyone with a Gmail Account technically already has a YouTube channel for viewing shows. Just go to YouTube and you’ll probably see your image from Gmail in the upper right.

You can also create a personal or a brand account by going to the Channel Switcher and adding a new channel. This is a good thing to do if you’re going live for Business to have a branded business account. Don’t worry, it’s free.

From there you can create your account. Once you have an account you’re ready to start with your live events. Once you have an account, go to your Creator Studio, which can be found in two spots once you are signed into YouTube.

First Way to Find Creator Studio

Click your picture on the upper right-hand side. Then click “creator studio”.

Second Way to Find Creator Studio

If you’re already inside your channel, you can click on “video manager” and it will take you to your creator studio as well.

You’ll see the Live Streaming option on your left. Click it. Don’t worry – you won’t go live automatically like that.

Then you’ll see a blank window and your Live Dashboard.

Set Up Encoding Software

To go live you must first set up your encoding software. YouTube has a list of approved encoders depending on your operating system and device. By far the simplest choice is the open source OBS software. Be sure to collect the “screen name key” information you’ll need to paste into the encoder software. You’ll find it under the “basic info” tab.

You’ll want to click “reveal” so you can cut and paste that information into the encoder software under settings. Never share this information with anyone because if you do they can stream live from your channel whenever they want to. Choose YouTube and then fill in the information.

Fill in Stream Information

Upload a thumbnail image for your live show because that will get more views, and will be a good cover for when the recording is up. Provide as much information with keywords as you can so that many potential viewers can find you when they search for information that you’re sharing.

Now You’re ready to Go Live

It’s a little more complicated than just getting on YouTube and clicking “go live” but once you get the software configurated, you’ll be glad you did because it’s easy from there on out. Now you’ll simply open YouTube, get the show started, then go straight to your OBS software to start streaming.

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