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12 Genius Marketing Ideas Using Facebook Live

Twenty years ago, brands that wanted access to thousands of viewers had to pay for pricey TV commercials. Now, Facebook Live makes it easy for businesses and brands to broadcast to millions of viewers.

That doesn’t mean brands can skimp on content and broadcast another boring day at the office. If anything, the quality of your content is more important than ever. If you’re a business owner who wants to do live streaming right, you need to be focused on providing value.

What that value looks like will depend on the audience you’re serving and the products you offer. For example, a clothing brand could create a broadcast series where each week a guest receives a wardrobe makeover. This entertains your fans and gives your brand a chance to shine.

Here are twelve examples of other brands that found their marketing sweet spot by using Facebook Live:

1. Benefit’s Tipsy Tricksfaccebook marketing live

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/benefitcosmetics/videos/10154455130638148/

Tipsy Tricks is a weekly Facebook Live stream by Benefit Cosmetics.

The stream is casual but fun. The hosts dish about their favorite makeup products and drink alcoholic beverages.

A member of the team is watching the stream and monitoring comments. Around the four minute mark, team member say, “Brandy is asking where the wine is.”

Nina, one of the hosts, quickly responds, “Brandy, girl, I like you. Let’s be friends.” Both Stephanie and Nina take a sip of their beverages before going back to their makeup tutorial.

About three minutes later, the support member says, “Sarah wants to start a drinking game.”

The hosts both laugh and Nina says, “Are we friends? Because I like you, too, girl.”

This witty banter carries on through the rest of the video with team members pausing to share updates from commenters so Nina and Stephanie can interact with their viewers.

Key Takeaway: Have someone monitoring your stream in real time so you can address comments. If you can’t have a team member there, try to use an app like Be Live. This allows you to show comments on the screen so you can easily respond to viewers.

2. Sephora’s Spring Line

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/sephora/videos/10154723575149405/

Sephora is a popular cosmetic and beauty brand. When it came time to debut their spring 2017 line, they did it over Facebook Live. They also created a hashtag for the event they called #NewAtSephora.

Hosts Jeffrey English and Myiesha Sewell start the video by mentioning that viewers will get to see all of the line’s new products.

Then they add some mystery to the event by promising that Facebook viewers will get an early peek at a product that hasn’t even been released yet.

“We actually have a product that hasn’t hit Sephora.com yet that we’re launching exclusively on Facebook Live, so stay tuned,” Jeffrey shares at the beginning of the stream.

Key Takeaway: Add some mystery to your stream by saving the juicy story for last. This will help viewers stay tuned and give them something to anticipate.

3. Sew Sweet Baby’s Auctionsfacebook live streamsStream Source: https://www.facebook.com/sewsweetbabydesigns/videos/1136728536433448/

Sew Sweet Baby Designs sells baby items like blankets, car seat covers, diaper bags, and more. They have an online shop where customers can purchase their custom creations.

But that’s not the only way that customers can buy. Sew Sweet hosts weekly auctions using Facebook Live. If a viewer wants to purchase the item shown, they put their bid in the comments box. After three minutes, the highest bidder is awarded the item.

During a recent broadcast, the hosts show off the different creations. They pause to zoom in and explain which colors and patterns are used. Each product has a large tag with easy to see numbers so potential customers know what they’re bidding on.

Key Takeaway: Businesses of all sizes can use live streaming to increase profits by holding auctions or offering discounts that are only available to Facebook Live viewers.

4. Melyssa’s Accelerator Challenge

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/melyssagriffin/videos/1186319668152721/

Melyssa Griffin is an entrepreneur who built a six-figure business around her blog, The Nectar Collective. Now, she shows her community members how to build online businesses around their passions.

Melyssa hosts a free challenge called the Email List Accelerator Challenge. It’s a 4-day course on how to build an email list. She uses Facebook Live to chat about the challenge and answer questions from viewers.

Key Takeaway: Brands can use live streaming to follow up after a challenge or course. This can be helpful for participants who have questions about the challenge or are struggling with your content. Your live video may also motivate viewers who haven’t seen your challenge to sign up for it.

5. E! News freeSTYLE

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/enews/videos/10154255479835736/

E! News, the popular entertainment media company, has a series on Facebook Live that’s called freeSTYLE with Zuri Hall and Cinya Burton. These videos feature a celebrity makeup artist who provides viewers with cosmetic and beauty tips.

In a recent stream, Paul Blanch does a live makeup tutorial with Cinya. Throughout the video, he pauses to explain to viewers how to get the golden glow that’s coveted during spring and summer.

Meanwhile, Zuri is monitoring the comments section. A viewer named Courtney asks, “Do you ever use a primer?”

Paul answers, “It’s a great thing. Priming to me is the prep before you’re putting on your actual makeup. So priming is hydrating, moisturizing before you use this product.”

Key Takeaway: Having a weekly show helps viewers remember to tune in at the same time each week. You can even host guests to add a fun mystery element so viewers wonder who will be featured next week.

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