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Genius Marketing Ideas Using Facebook Live

  1. Entrepreneur’s Goal Challenge

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/EntMagazine/videos/10155006888893896/

Entrepreneur launched their The Goal Standard Challenge earlier this year. This was a series of live videos over the course of five weeks. Each video features advice and insights from goal setting experts.

In the description area of each video, Entrepreneur introduces the speaker then offers two calls to action. The first CTA is the ‘Sign Up Here’ link. It’s perfect for viewers that have just discovered the series through Facebook Live and haven’t had a chance to sign up for the challenge yet.

The second CTA invites viewers to join the Facebook group Entrepreneur set up for this challenge. By joining the group, viewers get access to an exclusive worksheet.

Key Takeaway: Put a CTA (or even two!) in the description of every live stream. Tell viewers what step you want them to take next and offer an incentive (like a worksheet) to encourage them to click.

7. The Penny Hoarder’s Top 5

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/thepennyhoarder/videos/1391895360833785/

The Penny Hoarder is a personal finance brand started by Kyle Taylor. Every Wednesday, The Penny Hoarder hosts a Facebook live stream titled the Top 5, teaching viewers “5 ways you can put more money into your pocket.”

In a recent stream, Christie Post announces the weekly giveaway. To enter, all viewers have to do is share the video on Facebook. While viewers share, Christie shows two potential prizes.

Viewers vote for the prize and the one that gets the most votes is the prize the winner will receive. By sharing and commenting, watchers are engaging with the video and that makes them less likely to click away.

Key Takeaway: Encourage your audience to share your video. This can result in more views and can grow your community. However, don’t just ask for the share, offer a small incentive in exchange for their participation. This could be a physical or digital product. It’s up to you!

8. Land Rover’s 2018 Velar

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/landroverusa/videos/1527025640655703/

When it came time to release their newest vehicle, Land Rover live streamed the event from New York. This ensured that thousands of viewers who couldn’t be there in person were able to enjoy the experience.

The video begins with a performance by Ellie Goulding, a well-known popstar, before introducing the 2018 Velar. Later on in the event, there’s an interview with Gerry McGovern, the Chief Design Officer, who shares his vision with viewers.

Key Takeaway: When your brand is ready to unveil that new project, make a big deal of it and live stream the event. Show off your best stuff and let your viewers get a look at some of the behind-the-scenes work.

9. OtterBox’s Closed2Open

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/otterbox/videos/10154507668058003/

OtterBox is a company that creates protective cases for smartphones and tablets. Having a case means your device is less likely to be damaged if you drop it unexpectedly.

In February 2017, OtterBox created an event they called Closed2Open. Employees of OtterBox went to schools and non-profits around the United States to share lessons about entrepreneurship with kids of all ages.

But they didn’t stop there. They also live streamed the events so their global audience could follow along as they inspired the next generation of brand builders.

Key Takeaway: Businesses don’t just have to broadcast about their products or their events. You can also showcase your passions and your efforts to make the world a better place.

10. Skratch Labs’ Interview with the Founder

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/skratchlabs/videos/1161709910604778/

Skratch Labs was founded by Allen Lim, a sports coach who wanted to give his athletes alternatives to unhealthy sports drinks. He eventually created his own brand of sports drinks to rehydrate thirsty athletes.

Recently, Skratch Labs interviewed Allen on Facebook Live. This provided new fans the opportunity to learn more about the founder and it gave older fans the chance to discover which direction the company was heading in for the future.

Key Takeaway: Businesses can take a back-to-the-basics approach by interviewing key founders or other decisions makers that have shaped the direction of their brand. Doing this helps viewers connect with the people behind their favorite products.

11. Impact Branding & Design’s Website Throwdown

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/impactbnd/videos/10154562979874576/

Impact Branding & Design is a marketing agency based in Connecticut. Once every month, they host an event called Website Throwdown. This is where the marketing experts behind Impact critique websites.

Users can submit their own website to be critiqued and they’ll get feedback about their content, the design, and their search engine optimization. Every month, viewers log onto Facebook Live to see if their website is featured in the live stream.

Key Takeaway: If your brand is struggling with ideas, consider offering a critique to viewers. For example if you’re a fitness brand, ask users to submit a clip where they’re doing 10 crunches. You can then show the video on your live stream and offer tips to help viewers correct their form.

12. The Body Coach’s Bootcamp

Stream Source: https://www.facebook.com/JoeWicksTheBodyCoach/videos/1362044043869528/

Joe Wicks is the fitness trainer known as The Body Coach to his Facebook fans. He created the 90 Day Shift, Shape, and Sustain Plan, a lifestyle plan designed to help people lose excess fat.

At the beginning of 2017, Joe started his own fitness bootcamp. He live streamed workouts three times a week. Viewers could follow along with his workouts to lose weight and get healthier, too. Fans that enjoyed the live stream and found it helpful could also purchase the 90 Day SSS Plan.

Key Takeaway: Brands can use live streaming as part of their sales funnel. Give viewers a small taste of your premium product or service at no cost. Then let them know where they can make a purchase.

Facebook Live gives brands and businesses the technology to broadcast whenever and wherever they like. But smart brands know that live streaming is like any other form of marketing—it’s worthless if you’re not actively studying your metrics.

Without metrics, you don’t know if your content is truly connecting with your audience. Fortunately, Facebook offers analytics that are called ‘Insights’. Use them to study how well each broadcast performs.

As your brand grows continues using live streaming, look for higher engagement rates. These engagements might be in the form of liking the video, commenting on it, or sharing your video with their friends. As these numbers keep growing, it’s a sure sign of a healthy live stream.


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