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Posting Tips For Twitter 2

Ins and Outs of Posting on Twitter

Before we start today, I would like to refer you to a video that is pretty good for answering some of your twitter questions about posting. The video is at: http://JohnFWagner.net/twittut. Enjoy it.

In the last post  we covered replys, mentions, @mentions, retweets, and uploading photos.  In this post we will pursue hashtags, and direct messages posting on Twitter.

Step 5: Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are the standard way of using Twitter to discuss a specific topic. For example, if you were talking about the SXSW convention, you’d use hashtags like #SXSW. Users who’re interested in the same topic can search for that hashtag and see what others are saying about the topic.

Often time’s hashtags are used to create live chats. For example, if you’re at a live concert that has a hashtag (say #concert2012,) you can use that hashtag to see what everyone else around you is saying in real time. These hashtag based chats are often called hashchats.

9-Twitter Hashtags

Posting a response to popular hashtags is a great way to get traffic to your website. A lot of people will be searching for those hashtags, so you’re guaranteed to get a lot of exposure.

Twitter by default gives you the top 10 hashtags that are trending worldwide. To get more detailed information on what tags are trending, use “What the Trend” (http://www.thashtag.com.)

What the trend allows you to see a lot more than just the top ten trending tweets. You can also sort trends by country. If you’re just targeting the United States or Canada for example, you can see only the trending hashtags in those countries.


Step 6: Direct Messages

Direct messages are private messages sent to someone who’s following you. Unlike @replies, direct mages cannot be viewed by anyone but the recipient. You can’t send messages to people you follow unless they’re also following you. Direct messages are known as “DMs” or “DM” for short.

To send a DM, click on “Send a Direct Message” next to someone’s profile.


Enter the message you want to send them and hit “Send Message.”


Conclusions For Posting Tips On Twitter

These are all the different types of messages on Twitter. You now know how to use @replies, @mentions, retweets, photos, hashtags and direct messages.

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