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Top 10 Things to Share on Twitter

One of the toughest things about running a great Twitter feed is consistently coming up with things to post. Unlike blogging or social media, on Twitter you have to come up with something new several times a day. It’s not unusual for users to post as many as 10 to 20 times a day or more.

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of things you can post. Even Fortune 500 CEOs post everything from useful content to whimsical musings to moderately funny jokes.

Twitter Sharing Tips

1 – Recommend a Resource

Is there a particular article, book, workshop, DVD, YouTube video, magazine or other resource that you’d recommend? Post a link to that resource, along with a description of what you liked about it.


2 – Post Valuable Content

Posting valuable original content should be the cornerstone of your Twitter feed. You can post all kinds of other content, but at the very basic level your feed should be all about enhancing your followers’ lives. Here’s an example from the Wall Street Journal.

2-Post-Valuable-Content3 – Write a Review3-Write-a-Review

If you read a book, attended a workshop or purchased a product, write a review of it on Twitter. You can write a very brief review on Twitter, or you can post a much longer review on your website and simply link to it from Twitter.

It shows your readers you’re in tune with the latest information, can think critically and are willing to share what you’ve learned.

4-Make-an-Annoucement4 – Make an Announcement

Are you launching a new product? Starting a new initiative? Beginning a forum? If there’s something new coming up, announce it to your list.

You can also use announcements to build excitement. Instead of just announcing something all at once, use teasers to lead up to the actual announcement event. Drop hints about new things coming up to get people excited, without actually revealing what it is until the time comes.

Getting people involved always builds excitement for the big day.

5 – Trivia

Asking trivia is a quick and easy way to increase engagement. This works particularly well for people who are rabidly passionate about a subject.

Use varying degrees of trivia to keep different kinds of people engaged. Easy questions can help newcomers feel a sense of pride for getting it right, while extremely tough questions will challenge hardcore fans.


Sharing Tips On Twitter Summary

We discussed recommending a resource, posting quality valuable content, writing a review, posting or writing an annoucement, and asking trivia questions on Twitter.  All these suggestions are very good methods of starting communications on Twitter that will get you noticed.

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