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Facebook Strategies For Your Business

Maintaining a business Facebook Page and profile should not be regarded as a “set-and-forget” tactic. Facebook is there to help you interact with and grow your community while building your brand.

There’s no need to be daunted, however, at the prospect of having to interact on a regular basis.  Doing so can take literally moments a day; yet those few moments can make your tentative fan based feel:

  • Heard
  • Acknowledged
  • Special
  • Important

But before you ever get to the interaction stage, you need to make sure your Settings are there for maximum share.

Using Your Facebook Profile Wisely

It’s important not only to set up your profile correctly, but to regularly check it, since Facebook likes to quietly change permissions and options on a regular basis.  It can really affect your statistics and fan base when previously-important or productive aspects of your profile suddenly disappear – or Facebook displays sections that detract from your quality.

And there have been changes recently. For example, if you click on your tabs in your profile area, you’ll see that the “Notes” tab is back.

To change tabs displayed:  Click on the little “pencil” icon and swap with any “hidden” tab.

1-swap on facebook

To add a new tab:  Go to your last blank tab cover and click on the “+” sign.


Select from the drop-down list that will appear.

3-selection choice

 Make sure your bio is also properly optimized for social media.  Not only do you want people to know what you do, you want to give them a hint about your personality too.

[tip]Tactic #1: Write a powerful little post that your followers will really be glad to read, post it under Notes; then substitute a lesser tab such as “Likes” with the “Notes” tab.[/tip]

Making the Most of Your Profile Section Tabs

Using the tabs in your cover section wisely should become second nature.  Feature the apps that speak most to your fan base.

For example, if your followers are all rabid Pinterest pinners, don’t bother with Notes – swap out one of your existing tabs for the Pinterest tab instead.

And if your fan base likes to argue about or share news from Mashable, then select the Mashable tab, if that’s one of your tabs.

[tip]Tactic #2: Simply make sure you (a) regularly update your cover and profile photos (b) regularly add photos to your Photo section.[/tip]

Facebook’s latest algorithm changes prove that Facebook loves photos more than any other type of media you post – including videos.

Keep a selection of appropriate cover photos and get into the habit of cycling through them once a week.  When they are all ready to go, sitting in a dedicated folder, it’s a no-brainer just to upload a new one.

And once you’ve uploaded them all, you don’t even have to do that – simply “Choose from Photos”.


What you cannot do:  You cannot include any sort of call to action or promotional signage or text in your cover photo.

What you can do:  You can include incentives, calls to action and contests in…

  • Your tabs
  • Your profile Photo



Using your profile tabs to increase interactivity and create action – Note that this author also features her YouTube video links via an app tab.  What this does is provide the easiest way to quickly access these videos through one tab – a more effective tool for the follower than opening up YouTube separately and running searches.

Facebook Strategies Summary

Today we covered setting up your profile on Facebook.  In the next post we will discuss the new Facebook Timeline, your Personal Connections, and Personal/Business balance.

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