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Strategies For Facebook 2

The New Facebook Timeline

Some people are reporting that they have already been given the new, single-column Facebook Timeline.  Check your profile, and if you turn out to be one of this sorority, you will find that your name has moved, possibly over elements you don’t want to cover, and you’ll have to adjust your profile photo and cover photo.

Using New Timeline By Facebook

If you’ve integrated your profile photo with your background, you will also probably need to make adjustments, given that the position of the profile pic will now be lower.

Changing your cover photo is easy.  Hover your mouse over your cover photo, and click “Change Cover”.  It will then prompt you to upload a new photo.

Facebook Timeline

Here are the latest specs for cover photos…

[note]To get the latest load times for your page, upload sRGB JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes. For images with your logo or text content, you may get a higher quality result by using a PNG file.[/note]

A perfect, original cover photo helps ensure you continue to enjoy the widest reach possible – every flaw in your layout detracts from the importance Facebook assigns to your feed.

What not to do:  Avoid cover photos that already appear on the net – even if they are public domain.  Facebook now has the ability to identify duplicate cover photos:  It will also ruthlessly remove those you post – however legally – containing scenes from movies, bands, and other promotional photos.

It wants your cover photos to be personal and unique.

Invitations to “Like” your Post or page

One strategy to be extremely careful about:  Inviting people to “Like” your Facebook Page or your posts.

Facebook is quite specific on what not to do with your Likes…

  • Don’t put “Like” or “Share” within your cover photo.  (To be safe, don’t put ANY text within your cover photo!)
  • It’s forbidden to make a “Like” the condition of entering any contest you are running

Personal Connection

Leverage your personal connections by regularly interacting with business peers and colleagues.  Answer their polls and questions.  Comment on their photos.  Make them “look good” by caring about what they say.  Most of all, “Share” content that’s obviously important to them (such as their poll) on your own page.

It’s simple reciprocity:  If you don’t do this, why should they care when you break out a poll or post a photo?

Don’t depend just on goodwill, however:  Put a call to action in your post, simply asking for the share or telling people what other action you would like them to take next.

Personal/Business Balance

Getting the right personal-to-professional balance on Facebook is possibly one of the hardest things to get right.

If you don’t have oodles of time, one of the easiest ways lies in separating really close friends and family into a List.  When you post something for friends and family, set the post only to display to this particular list.

Facebook change-list

The most important part of this process?

Remembering to change your next post back to “Friends” – your last post setting is what it remains defaulted at.

Using Lists

Lists are a great way to manage subscribers and friends.  Don’t use Groups – your friend will be notified they’ve been added to your group and nine times out of ten, they’ll be annoyed to livid because they had no say in the process.

Furthermore, every time anyone in the group posts, the post will appear in their notification drop-down and they won’t be able to see or respond to regular posters they really do interact with – because they’ll be scrolling and scrolling through dozens (or even hundreds) of irritating posts from people they may not even know who get priority from Facebook because they happen to be in your group.

A list is just a way of sorting information.  Your list members won’t see any posts or notifications unless you specifically post to that list.  Even then, they won’t know you’re posting to a selected bunch of people – they’ll just know they’re seeing one of your posts in their feed.

Nowadays, with Facebook’s constant changes, using a List may be one of the most reliable ways – perhaps even the only way – to ensure a particular person sees the post you want them to see.

Likewise, when you are adding Pages (i.e. “Liking” them) be sure to hover over the “Like” button once you’ve pressed it; then select whether or not you want to see that Page’s posts in your personal feed or in an Interest list.

The best part:  You can create your own Interest list. Then simply by clicking on its name, you can instantly see what activity has been occurring on the part of its members.

How to Add a Friend to your List

1.    Click on your friend’s profile photo to be taken to her Timeline

2.    Hover over the “Friends” button.  A drop-down list will appear.  Select “Add to another list”.

Facebook add--list

3.    A menu of your current lists will drop down.  Select the list to which you’d like to add your friend.

Strategies For Facebook 2 Summary

Today we covered the new timeline, personal connections, personal/business balance, and started on using lists.  I think that is enough for us to digest today.  In the next post we will discuss creating a new list, graph list, allowing subscribers, and educating your followers for Facebook.

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