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Strategies For Facebook 3

Facebook Strategies For Your Business

Maintaining a business Facebook Page and profile should not be regarded as a “set-and-forget” tactic. Facebook is there to help you interact with and grow your community while building your brand. We left off in the last post with using lists.

How To Make A List For Facebook

Let us start this portion of the post with creationg a new list.

Create a New List:

1.    The easiest way is to repeat the process above – but instead of selecting an existing list, select “+ New List”.

 9-new-list for facebook

 Graph Lists

Facebook recently introduced a new Beta feature preview – Graph Search.  “Find more of what you’re looking for through friends and connections” is how they explain its workings.

Graph search allows you to look up “anything shared with you on Facebook”.  Your search results depend entirely on your Privacy settings.

What it does mean is that you can quickly look for those of your friends or connections who share a specific interest, for example:  Or live in a particular city.

People won’t be able to find anything they are not pre-approved through your privacy settings to find; or anything you’ve hidden – but this could be a handy feature when it becomes up and running, so do make sure you sign up to become a Beta tester.

Educate Your Followers

Be sure to let followers know how to add your Page to their interest lists, once they press “Like” – so that your Page feed shows up in their feed.

Allow Subscribers

Our final action to take – make sure people are able to Follow you.

1.    Go to your “Account Settings” and click on this link.


2.    Click on “Followers” on the left-hand side of the Settings page that opens up.


3.    Check the “Turn On Follow” radio box.


4.    Add your Twitter account.

Be sure to follow others too.  “Follow” is the perfect way to hear what your favorite experts have to say without inappropriately asking them to agree to a “Friend” request.

Last but not least…

Make your Facebook Page Interactive

Run contests and polls from your Facebook Page.  Mix this up with lots of photographs and questions. Acknowledge people’s answers.  Reply to their comments.  Have fun with your Facebook Page – and your subscribers will too.

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