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Facebook Ad Tutorial

There are many different types of a Facebook ad you can create, but the two main categories are Pay Per Click and Sponsored. Now let us continue with creating the ad

Facebook Ad Goals (continued)

Step 3.  Creating Your First Ad

We’ve discussed premium and sponsored ads, and taken a look at how Facebook advertising operates.

But there’s an even easier way to advertise on Facebook.  It’s also possible to create ads very quickly – right from your Facebook Page!

  1. Go to your Facebook Page Admin Panel, and select the “Build an Audience” button.  Then when you get the drop-down menu, select “Create an Ad”.


  1. You will be asked to switch back to your personal account.


  1. Next, you will be asked to fill in:
  • Your ad photo
  • How you want it display
  • What you want to advertise


a. Choose a Facebook destination or enter an URL
b. Specify your simplified goal

i.  Get more Page Likes

ii.  Promote Page posts

iii.  Place a CPC ad

c. Next, choose a post to advertising from your existing ones or create a new one in the fields supplied.

You’ll need:

  • A headline
  • Text (with or without an anchor link)
  • Specify whether your want your landing view to be Timeline or Photos
  • An image to upload

Once you’ve entered these, you’ll see a preview in the right-hand column

      4.  You can also choose to add – at no extra cost – stories about your Page to be shared with your friends

  1. Next, specify your demographic.  Notice that the less specific you are, the more people will be shown as your potential audience.

This is virtually worthless – not being specific enough results in ads such as the infamous “Seeking Faithful Women” ad we touched on earlier.

The more you narrow down your target, the more effective your ad will be.

And if you don’t see the option you need to specify, click on “Advanced Options”.  That is what the advertiser obviously didn’t do – the advertiser should have specified the ad ONLY be targeted to single people.  Instead, it looks as if “Advanced Options” was never opened up and all types of relationship statuses were left as the default!


  1. Finally, set your budget.  The default is set to $20 per day, with “run my ad continuously” – that would be $620 in one month; just slightly less than the cost of a modest local newspaper ad.

If that’s too rich for your blood or you actually want to increase it, you can always change this default.  Press the drop-down arrow beside the “Per day” field to change it to a “Lifetime” budget – meaning the lifetime of the ad, which you are now about to specify.


Uncheck the box beside “Campaign Schedule” to set a specific start and end date for your campaign.

  1. Review your ad.

If you are uncertain about any aspect, you can quickly contact the ad department via web form by clicking the “Questions about creating your ads?” anchor text.


Finally, any one of these sections offers Advanced Options or more information, so be sure to take your time and explore each section before committing yourself.


You can also visit the Facebook Ads help section directly, and read up on any question.


Facebook Ad Completion

Once you’ve reviewed your ad, place your order – and let Facebook magic (in conjunction with your knowledgeable optimization) do its work.

Tracking Your Facebook Ad – Be sure to track your ad; both through your ad data metrics and through Facebook Insights.

Best of luck with your first Facebook Ad Campaign!

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