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Guide To Using Snapchat For Marketing Snapchat is a social media platform that is image and video based. You “snap” an image or a video and then you either send it to one particular person, or more people. Or, you can add it to a “story”, which lasts for 24 hours that anyone can view, […] Read More—>

Profiting From Facebook Retargeting 7

Common Mistakes When Using Facebook Ads Facebook is a wonderful place to run ads for your business. You can develop a lucrative business using FB ads if you know what you’re doing and know what not to do. A lot of people make these mistakes. You can learn from those who have gone before you […] Read More—>

Profiting From Facebook Retargeting 6

Create Awesome Images for Your Facebook Ads Using images in your Facebook ads is an imperative. Therefore, it’s important to learn about how to create or find the best images for use with ads. They need to be attractive and compelling enough for your audience to look at your ad. • Choose Interesting Images – […] Read More—>

Profiting From Facebook Retargeting 5

Facebook Retargeting Tips for Creating Ad Headlines That Get Clicks The headline for your Facebook Ad currently appears under your image and above the URL. You have 25 characters or less for this area, which can make it tricky to include enough information to persuade people to click through. You don’t have to do all […] Read More—>

Profiting From Facebook Retargeting 4

Facebook Retargeting Step #3 – Add Pixel to Your Website: a. Log into your website and paste the pixel code into the HTML code of your site – before the tag. Note: If you use WordPress, there are a couple of plugins you can use for this. One is called Facebook Conversion Pixel. The one […] Read More—>

Profiting With Facebook Retargeting 3

Creating A Custom Ad on Facebook These are the steps for creating a custom advertisement on Facebook according to Facebook at the time of this writing. It’s important to note that the steps may change over time as Facebook rearranges things. There should be a notice as shown below if something has recently moved. Log […] Read More—>

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