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The New Fiverr

The New Fiverr – How to Profit from Your Services A lot of people still have the idea that everything on is only five bucks. But, the truth is that is only the base price. It is true, when Fiverr first started everything was only five bucks, then they started testing with some prolific […] Read more

Finding Blog Followers 4

Getting Blog Followers Engage With Others As a blogger, there is almost nothing more important than truly engaging and interacting with your audience. You want your audience to comment, like, share and sign up to your lists or buy your products and services and you can accomplish that is by being engaging and encouraging. To […] Read more

Finding Blog Followers 3

Getting Blog Followers Give Stuff Away Freebies, lead magnets, tripwires, ethical bribes, opt-ins, and so forth can be lucrative ways to collect email addresses from your audience so that you can market to them via email. When you give away small things to help them accomplish their goals, you’ll endear yourself to them in a […] Read more

Finding Blog Followers 2

Getting Blog Followers Provide a Call To Action A call to action (CTA) is so important if you really want to make a difference. There are different ways to create a call to action. Your CTA can include asking your audience to share, like, follow, join, sign up, buy or whatever it is that you […] Read more

Finding Blog Followers

Get More Loyal Blog Followers Blogging is an effective way to expand your business, attract more clients, and maintain relationships with your current customers. But, how do you make your blog visitors into loyal followers? It really boils down to posting relevant content and finding ways to remind them about you via email, social media […] Read more

Living In The Now 5

The Power Of Living In The Now Mindfulness Meditation for Living in the Moment Mindfulness meditation is the most common form of meditation in the West because it is easy to do and gets rapid results. It can also be done at any time, anywhere, as often as you like. It can best be defined […] Read more

Starting A Social Media Management Business 3

Social Media Promotion In some ways, this part of the content marketing cycle should be all in bold because it’s one if not the most important aspect of being a content and social media manager for another business. This is what is going to get you the most bangs for your buck. Every single piece […] Read more

Podcasting wiith Google+ Hangouts

Live Podcasting with Google+ Hangouts On Air Reinvigorate your business by adding exciting live Google+ Hangouts On Air incorporated with YouTube to your marketing channels. It used to cost a lot of money to host webinars online, but now with Google+ Hangouts On Air, it’s free.  A webinar can help spread the message of your […] Read more

Snapchat Marketing Guide 4

  10 Ways For Snapchat To Get More Views & Friends / Followers After you’ve learned how to use Snapchat and practiced making Snaps, adding them to Stories and sending individual snaps to friends – because you want to be sure you know what you’re doing before you go “live” to the world – now […] Read more

Twitter For Business Guide

Managing Your Brand on Twitter Branding strategies just help people identify your business or product: They create it. The more people see your branding elements in a bigger variety of location, the more firmly your brand will become established in their minds. They know what to expect from you – and until your brand is […] Read more

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