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Videos By Surefire Checking Your Results 24 hours later open a privacy browser (or use a separate computer) to search google for your keyword phrases. Use Your Keyword spreadsheet to note what page the keywords appear on. Once you complete this process you can make your current test videos private or simply delete them. If […] Read More—>

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Vdeos By Surefire Step 2: Drill Down (Recap) At this point you have everything you need to ASK Google what keywords you should be selecting to rank your videos quickly (and almost guaranteed). Not every video will rank on the first few pages of search for certain keywords (if any at all). This method is […] Read More—>

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Videos By Surefire Google Suggest Shortcut The shortest distance between two points is a straight line… so I love finding hacks and shortcuts to cut my time down and make things more efficient. Well here’s a shortcut to get all the suggestions Google can give you… in one take. Go to Put your keyword […] Read More—>

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Videos From Surefire The cool thing about Google Trends is that it allows you to see not only what is popular and trending overall…  but Google drills it down and tells you what cities/states are searching for your keywords most often. JUST LISTEN TO GOOGLE.I chose my settings on the next screen. I selected all […] Read More—>

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Step 2: Drill Down For Surefire Vieo Now that you have your basic target topics, you’ll want to move to Step 2… Drilling down to target keywords that will get your buyers/subscribers/viewers to take action. After all, that is why we’re doing this in the first place. We need keywords that are targeted, popular, and […] Read More—>

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Surefire Video Ranking with the GVR Method If you’ve been struggling to getting your videos ranked and driving from traffic Google, you have downloaded the exact report you need. Surefire Video Ranking shows you how to use the GVR Method to simplify and quicken the raking process. Let me explain… The GVR Method stands for […] Read More—>

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Best Practices For Growing Your Facebook Audience Growing your audience using Facebook Live is a great way to get the word out about your business, please your current audience, converts people to subscribers, and make more sales. There are many things to consider as you plan live events. • Give it Some Thought – It’s […] Read More—>

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Successful Facebook Marketing Stories There are many people using Facebook Live to improve their brand, expand awareness, and get more subscribers. Some people have managed to use Facebook Live and Facebook marketing to build their entire business the way that they want it. Look at some of the people using Facebook Live and making an […] Read More—>

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Top Facebook Live Tools & Software to Use Since Facebook Live is relatively new, there aren’t that many programs and tools yet that are made just for Facebook Live. But, there are some tools and software that you’ll want to know about to help you make the most of your Facebook Live experience. • Mentions […] Read More—>

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The Top Strategies For Facebook Live When using Facebook Live, there are some strategies that can help you make the most of the opportunity. If you want more subscribers and buyers for your products or services, follow this advice and you’ll be a winner.  Be Transparent – One of the most important things in business […] Read More—>

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