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A Look At Social Media Hoaxes Part 2

 Social Media Hoaxes In the last post we started looking at social media hoaxes, and today we will conclude our endeavor.  We have looked at the Facebook copyright/privacy hoax, and the mobile phone exploding while charging. More Social Media Hoaxes We will now continue with the examples of social media hoaxes listed below: 3.  Seasonal […] Read more

A Look At Social Media Hoaxes

Social Media Hoaxes As social media networks blossom in popularity, so do hoaxes.  Some are blatant; some sophisticated.  But all please and often profit no one but the originators.  And some do actual harm.  Here is a social media hoax you may remember Jesse Ventura’s. Hunting Social Media Hoaxes The first place you should turn […] Read more

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