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Targeted Social Media Advertising 2

Top 10 Tips For Targeted Social Media Advertising Social media gives business owners an unprecedented ability to create super-focused, extremely targeted advertising. Today, not only can you create a message that is targeted to a specific audience, you can also choose the demographics that will be exposed to your advertisement. 6) Timing is Important Just […] Read more

Posting Tips For Twitter 2

Ins and Outs of Posting on Twitter Before we start today, I would like to refer you to a video that is pretty good for answering some of your twitter questions about posting. The video is at: Enjoy it. In the last post  we covered replys, mentions, @mentions, retweets, and uploading photos.  In this […] Read more

Posting Tips For Twitter

Ins and Outs of Posting on Twitter   For someone who’s new to Twitter, understanding all the different types of posts you can make can be quite confusing. There’s not only a lot of different kinds of posts, but a lot of different kinds of terminology. In order to use Twitter well, you need to […] Read more

Making A Social Media Plan

Your Overall Social Media Plan Your social media plan is like the rails that your social media train runs on. Without the rails, the train could still move quickly – But it would just run everywhere, and quite possibly be dangerous. The same goes for social media. You can spend a lot of time on […] Read more

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