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Promoting Your iTunes Podcast 3

How to Promote your iTunes Podcast Once you’ve uploaded your podcast episodes correctly to iTunes, it’s not yet time to breathe that sigh of relief.  In fact, your real work is just beginning – promotion. Promotion is the magic ingredient that ensures some podcasts go viral or are at least wildly successful in their niche.  […] Read more

Boost A Facebook Page Post 3

How to “Boost A Facebook Page Post”  One way to get more engagement on your Facebook Page is to “boost your post”.  This is brand new phrase rolled out by Facebook, which is reportedly testing new phrasing in an effort to remove the stigma that has built up around the word “Promote”. In this guide, […] Read more

Grow Your List With Social Media 2

Grow Your Mailing List With Social Media Many people will tell you that you can’t – or shouldn’t – grow your mailing list through social media. That may have been true once upon a time, but nowadays, using your social media is necessary! The trick lies in knowing how to do it. Here are ten […] Read more

How To Increase Your Facebook Likes 3

16 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Likes Facebook “Likes” are more than a popularity poll:  They are a measure of interaction and views.  They also qualify you for Facebook Insights, Facebook’s own metrics toolkit. In short, “Likes” help you see where you’re on track with your fans and followers – and when your posts leave […] Read more

Facebook Groups

How to use Facebook Groups Although most online groups have commonalities, each social network’s group structure is distinct.  Here’s how to join, participate in or create a group within Facebook. Steps To Find Your Group In The Maze Of Groups Step 1.  Deciding on the Fit When you first search for a Facebook group, pay […] Read more

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