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Using Google Hangouts 2

How to Use Google Hangouts One of the most exciting new developments in social media communication this year has been Google+’s new interactive communication feature, Google Hangouts. Hangouts itself is not new – but Google has added the ability for everyone in the hangout to video conference and chat in multiple ways and freshened up […] Read more

Using LinkedIn Groups 2

How To Use LinkedIn Groups In the last post we started our plunge into LinkedIn grougps,  by discussing the business to business atomsphere that is present on this site.  You can utilitize the site for business as well as socila media networking.  It also provides a internet location for members to discuss business as well […] Read more

Facebook Groups 2

Using Facebook Groups In the last post we discussed difficultly in finding a group that fits your needs.  You really have to watch the group descriptions, so we might as well create our own group. Groups can be very challenging, so let us look at running one. Managing Facebook Groups Let’s get started at this […] Read more

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