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Social Video Marketing 4

From Creating to Marketing Your Video For the Most Exposure Just like you have to market every single blog post you create, every single product you create, and every service you create, you must also market your videos with the same fervor. It’s just not true that if you create it, they’ll come. You’ll employ […] Read more

Twitter Automation For Business 4

Twitter Automation Includes TweetAdder 4 As I was looking over my last post I realized that I had omitted one of the best automation tools for Twitter, TweetAdder.  So not to miss my chance to promote my favorite one, I decided to do a vides series post for TweetAdder 4. TweetAdder 4 Videos Twitter Automation […] Read more

Build Blog Traffic With Social Media 2

10 Ways to Build Your Blog Traffic With Social Media This has beome the century of social sharing.  Nowadays, people seem to spend more time on their social networks than they do reading and following individual blogs.  What they are often on social media is looking for social proof – seeing what their contacts and […] Read more

What to Share, What to Share: Your Roadmap to Social Networking

Over the past couple of posts, we’ve been working on helping you understand your target audience and find your unique positioning when it comes to social media. These are crucial first steps to becoming a social media success and once you have those items a bit clearer in your mind, you’re ready to start experimenting […] Read more

Grow Your List With Social Media

Grow Your Mailing List With Social Media Many people will tell you that you can’t – or shouldn’t – grow your mailing list through social media. That may have been true once upon a time, but nowadays, using your social media is necessary! The trick lies in knowing how to do it. Here are ten […] Read more

Growing Your YouTube Following 2

20 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Following There are many tactics you can employ and tips you can effectively use to grow your YouTube following.  The YouTube Tips (continued) 11. Every video should have a call to action asking viewers to subscribe to your channel. No matter what. But you also need to give them […] Read more

Create Videos That Get Shared

Tips For Creating Videos That Get Shared How do you get people to not just view your videos, but share them? First and foremost, you have to ask. But where to put your plea… and how?  That’s the million-dollar question. There are several places where you are allowed to tell people what to do and […] Read more

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